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  • Sharp Negotiation Skills: We leverage our expertise to secure the best deals for our clients.
  • Attention to Every Detail: Each aspect of your home sale is meticulously managed, ensuring nothing is overlooked.
  • The Highest Level of Service: We are committed to providing exceptional service and support throughout your selling journey.
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At Front Door Realty, we understand that selling your home is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make. To provide a truly advantageous experience and stand out from the competition, we cover ten essential services that every successful real estate agent should offer:

Prepare, Plan, and Be Proactive

Our proactive approach begins with a comprehensive orientation that demystifies the home-selling process specific to your market. We offer a detailed checklist and help you prepare your home for sale by recommending trusted vendors, and cleaning methods, and coordinating necessary work. Our goal is to ensure your property is market-ready on a timeline that works for you.

Provide a Comparable Sales Reality Check

The most crucial part of seller preparation is pricing your home correctly. We educate you on relevant comparable sales, separating fact from fiction to align your expectations with the market reality. Our expertise ensures that your home is competitively priced to attract serious buyers and generate offers.

Explain Selling Expenses

We prepare a comprehensive cost sheet for various selling scenarios, detailing customary closing costs for sellers and buyers in your area. If buyers commonly request closing cost assistance, we discuss how this may impact your net proceeds and suggest negotiation strategies to navigate these requests effectively.

Detail the Listing Documents

Understanding all the necessary documentation is vital. We review listing agreements, explain the obligations and responsibilities of both parties and emphasize the importance of honesty in completing the seller’s disclosure form.

Gather Important Documents

We help you compile essential documents such as floor plans, surveys, lists of upgrades and improvements, warranties, service agreements, and community covenants. This information is crucial in educating buyers and other agents about the unique aspects of your property.

Craft Compelling Marketing Campaigns

Our marketing strategies are designed to highlight your home’s best features, targeting potential buyers through multiple channels to maximize exposure. We use professional photography, virtual tours, and strategic advertising to ensure your property stands out in the market.

Schedule and Host Showings

We coordinate and host showings to accommodate your schedule, ensuring your home is presented in the best light to potential buyers. Our team manages all logistics, from staging to security, providing a seamless experience.

Negotiate Offers with Expertise

Our sharp negotiation skills are your greatest asset when offers start coming in. We meticulously review each offer, negotiate terms to your advantage, and ensure that you secure the best possible deal.

Facilitate Inspections and Appraisals

We coordinate all necessary inspections and appraisals, addressing any issues that arise to keep the sale on track. Our attention to detail ensures that nothing is overlooked, protecting your interests throughout the process.

Guide You to a Successful Closing

From contract to closing, we manage every step of the transaction. We keep you informed, handle all paperwork, and coordinate with all parties involved to ensure a smooth and successful closing.


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With our adept negotiation skills, you’ll receive the best possible deal on your new home. Let us help you weather the highs and lows of buying a home, making your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.